Saturday, April 3, 2010

Jasma Performance Camshaft 4G13 & 4G15 anyone? cheaper? Bagus ke?

there u go..freshly out from Jasma (yah i know sum r being too "doubt" bout de brand), performance camshaft for 4g13/4g15 sohc 12v(er..they stated as racing cam..maybe i won't tell people dat u should be racing if u use this bump stick lol)

the specification:

Intake 270deg lift 9.35mm
Exhaust 275deg lift 9.20mm

apart from the selling price is only at RM450..
i'm a bit skeptical how will it perform..
sum said..only the best..with the BEST PRICE TAG will stand out..hmm.. dreaming? where is the fun for those who looking for cheaper alternative? kesian mereka..forcing them to pay MORE..

i won't compare with other aftermarket brand camshaft for 4g13/ they hv their own league/market segment which being supported by customer who are willing to spend MORE THAN > RM1000.. talking bout budget eh? :P

how does it perform on dyno?
i've put a test before and after by using this super budget Jasma Performance camshaft.
a stock 4g13 carb was the ideal candidate with super stock 100% OEM aftermarket shining aftermarket air filter...and the best thing..there is no adjustable camshaft pulley being installed for this attempt. this is to ensure how will it perform with stock pulley (of course for budget reason, a piece of campulley will cost u RM200 <) bare in mind, i'm talking bout being under budget.

stock 4g13 carb produced 62.0whp, and after being fitted with Jasma Camshaft, the result was 70.2whp..astonishing 8.2whp increment with STOCK campulley and stock extractor..chk out the graph below..look at the tork figure.. (idling is a bit lumpy below 1000rpm..and no problem when switching on the air cond..necessary adjustment is required to get better idling..kata hi-cam kan?) feedback from the owner, said the response was way better from previously and pulling it to high rpm was very smooth..

so, how will it perform with an aftermarket extractor? maybe better air filter..? or a good chunky of Weber (dcnf) Carb? how bout with adjustable campulley and perform a cam dialing? will it produce more whp? how bout 4g15? how bout those running with 1.6L stroker kit? i bet this Jasma camshaft could gain more whp with proper engine setup..murah beb..

Judge it by yourselt...for RM450 per piece...

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