Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Matspeed 320 degree BILLET camshaft for Proton 4G15 4G13 Megavalve

so, u need more power?
u had enough with regrind type?
you heard your friend talking cock with their so called "mild-cam" blooming over in drag/street scene, claiming their is the best in the world? nahh..u got it wrong man..how many times do i need to mention not to do it as what mainstream r doing?

u want to go fast, but u stick with the mainstream, come on la..unless if you put some race fuel such as q16 or c16, even stock kancil engine will perform better la with race fuel..what? i'm wrong? yah..wutever dude lolx..

cut to the chase, 1 of proven camshaft in drag scene by Matspeed (yah i know matspeed usually has regrind type only) BUT, thanks to them, billet type 320deg camshaft now available for our beloved 4G15 Megavalve engine. capable revving more than 9000rpm (of course ur compression target will definitely crucial when using this camshaft). jz 2 remind dat this won't suit ur daily use, ye la, dah kate nak race, nak laju, sacrifice la skit, if not, letak race fuel pakai camshaft standard..setel..hahahaha..(sarcastic kan? well..)

u can judge it by looking at the camshaft lobe (refer pic no.2) and its a serious stuff. The kit comes with an aftermarket performance valve spring and titanium retainer.

MATSPEED 320 4G15 Camshaft spec:-
Intake duration 320deg @0.472" (12mm)lift
Exhaust duration 320deg @0.472" (12mm)lift
Lobe separation 110deg

Intake open BTC 50
Intake close ABC 90
Exhaust open BBC 90
Exhaust close ATC 50

Price will be RM1888, complete with race valve spring and titanium retainer to give that umphhh effect! :P.. interested? gv me a call 016-3314203 WaN / CiPan